Friday, September 12, 2008

Treatment #5

Hey guys! Well this week has been kinda crazy so I am a little behind...but still better than being a month behind! :) We had treatment on Tuesday and Mama is really down this time. They told us that the last couple of treatments would be the worst and they were right. Her bday is TOMORROW!!! Dont forget to call or post a message! We have Woman 2 Woman ladies meeting tomorrow morning at 10 am and we are going to have a party there then also next weekend my brothers will be in town and we will have yet another celebration. It's sad that it takes a crazy situation like this to teach us the important of every single year that we are blessed by having someone special in our lives. If you have any questions or want to come around for any parties just let me know and I will get information to you.

Here are a few things that are going on:

>Final CT results showed a SMALL cystic mass as well as some peretoneal disease, which
basically means there are some cells trying to implant.

>CA 125 is down to 23.4 which is within normal range now HOWEVER we still have to
continue with treatments to get everything out! They have even discussed the possibility
of us doing 12 months maintenance chemo with Taxol only.

>Sis Burris is coming in town today to speak at Woman 2 Woman tomorrow as well as church
on Sunday...she rocks so come out if you can!

>Saturday September 13 MARILYN'S BIRTHDAY!!!

>September 30 Next treatment ...OH they are NOT counting the one treatment of Taxotere
towards her 6 treatments so we have two more left with the Taxol/Carbo then another CT.

I think that about covers everything. If you have any questions just call and I will tell you what I know. Thanks again for everything...Please keep Mama in your prayers daily.

Focused Prayer:
>Strength for upcoming events
>Clean CT scan in 6 weeks
>JOY...the possibility of more treatments has been a punch in the gut for Mama
>Also, this has nothing to do with Mama but lets pray for my Aunt Debra who recently had surgery on her feet...she has been in a great deal of pain

Thanks Again!
Charlcy R.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New PIX!

I added more pictures and revamped the slideshow so scroll down and view ! 


September 3, 2008

Hey everyone! It has been a while but I have a valid excuse...the internet was down! Lightening hit the house and ran in on my PC but thanks to my brilliance I simply replaced the ethernet port and we are back in business!  A lot has happened over the past month as you can imagine, the most important being that we got a great report from Dr. Santoso. At our last treatment August 19th they done a CT scan to see what was going on. The preliminary results showed us that there was no tumors or "gross disease" we will of course get final results on Tuesday when we go back for treatment #5! Mama is so excited because we only have 2 left! Here are a few quick notes about what has been going on:
  • CA 125 - 43
  • CT scan preliminary results are clear
  • Mama and Daddy celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary!! (Tedd and I made an amazing cake...will post pix soon!)
  • Stephanie Ray graduated college with her business degree! 
  • We are back on Taxol and Carbo... the Taxotere made Mama way too tired and cranky :) 
  • "The picture looks good" -Dr. Santoso 
  • Mama's 52nd birthday is Saturday September 13th(will be on Ladies Day...other celebration tba)
  • Tuesday September 9, 2008 Chemotherapy #5 
Everything seems to be going well! She is a little down from being in the house but overall is excited about the end being in site!I will post new pictures soon! Thanks for everything and if you want to get in on some bday action for mama just let me know. Talk to everyone soon! 

Thanks Again, 

Saturday, August 2, 2008

August 2, 2008

Hello Everyone!!! Thank you all for dropping in regularly and staying in touch! We have had a ton  of things going on recently...sorry for the delay...again! :) 

  • Last week we were in Jackson, Ms with my Aunt Debra. I picked up Tedd from the airport on Tuesday evening and the fun began! :) Church on Wednesday night, Kyotos Thursday morning, shopping thursday afternoon, and Impact that night made for great fun with the family! Mama had a blast at the conference and enjoyed meeting my best friend Megan's parents as well as my boyfriend's family. We also got to see several other old acquaintances.  Friday was Tedd's birthday so we had to party on our way back home. We had lunch at P.F. Chang's and my good friend from high school Becky came out to celebrate with us! Great FOOD!  Then we headed back to good ole Myrtle! 
  • Saturday my brothers and their families came in to spend time with Mama prior to her third treatment. We had a blast cooking out and playing with the kids! 
  • Sunday Mama preached hell, fire, and brimstone! :) It was a great service...she had my brothers , my father, and I pray for her. After church, we came home to some KFC! 
  • Monday evening, after running a few errands, we drove into Memphis and got a hotel to avoid having to get up at 4am to drive to treatment. We had japanese food and TCBY whOOp! Then crawled up in bed and ordered Horton Hears a Who :) 
  • Tuesday morning was our third treatment! Are you ready for CA 125 results??? 56!!! It went down another 49 points!! PRAISE GOD! The doctor decided to switch her chemo drug from Taxol and Carboplatin to Taxotere. Dr. Santoso said that they are equally effected only one causes less neuropathy which is GREAT! Treatment went great with only one hang up ... Mama's liver counts are continuing to rise. They have scheduled her an appointment to see a specialist before her next treatment. After treatment we hit up the mall so I could spend my birthday money and we could all get CHOCOLATE!! Godiva baaabaaay!
  • 4 days out from treatment and nothing exciting has occurred. We have basically been laying around. Mama is usually extremely weak for several days following chemo. She finally got out of bed for a couple hours today to play a few hands of Rummikub and to beat my boyfriend up...its her favorite. :) Currently she is laying in bed watching To Kill a Mockingbird and trying to get her temp back down. It is constantly going up and down and we do not know why. 
I will be adding some new pictures in just a little bit so be sure to check back in! ALSO Aunt Debra wrote a letter and I posted it. If anyone else would like to send Mama a message either post it directly to the blog or just email them to me.  I am sure she would appreciate it greatly. The cards are slowing down quite a bit so any encouragement is welcomed. Thanks! :) 

Focused Prayer:
  • Liver counts to drop
  • CA 125 to continue dropping
  • OK report from liver specialist
  • No side effects
  • JOY
  • Body temperature to remain constant and at a normal level
  • Strength
  • Full body scan next treatment....We expect it to be normal in Jesus name! 
Thank you all for everything! 
Charlcy Ray

A Letter from Debra

Seasons in our life change and the way we view things sometimes change but one thing NEVER changes....and that's the way we love our family.  Marilyn and I have been by each other's side through thick and thin.  We toured Europe for three weeks, sewed clothes all night long for our kids to have matching Easter clothes, celebrated many Christmas days together; Laughed and cried through the good bad and ugly and yes....sometimes...although VERY rarely, even disagreed.  But down through the years I believe our relationship is just as deeply rooted as it ever was.  She is truly one of the best friends I've EVER had.  We're so much alike that's it's sometimes scary.

You know, there's an old, wise saying that says...."What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger".  That's how I feel about the love that I have for Marilyn.  She's been there and will NEVER love you only half way.  It's all or nothing with her. 

She's walking through a journey right now that I don't understand.  She's always been the strong one that I could lean on for problems.  However, while she was visiting my house for those four days last week...I saw a vulnerable side of her that I've never seen.  Very soft and just going with the currents.  The storm looks like it's raging but you can tell by looking at her...she's not bending or losing strength.  If anything....she's gaining a NEW strength.

The best part of her visit was when we were driving back from Columbia.  It was just the two of us on those dark, country roads, sharing and reveling in the awesomeness of God we had experienced that night.  We had no clue how to get home but we managed just fine. :)  When we got home I fixed us a bowl of Trix cereal and we piled up in the bed and watched HGTV...(our FAVORITE channel).  Afterwards, when she started to dose off...I thought she was asleep and my face was facing hers on the same pillow and with her eyes closed and in a very quiet voice she said "I sure do love you Debra".  I told her I loved her too and that when we got through this storm and made it safely to the other side that we would look back and know that God carried her.  Then she replied...."I will Debra.  There's only TWO things that I'm sure of right now and that is that I'm breathing and bald".  I told her "Praise God for the 1st thing because there's hope the 2nd will change also".

I Love you to absolute pieces Francis!  You're gonna make it....and WHEN YOU DO.....we're gonna do more for God than we ever did!  AND...we're gonna go on a nice little vacation....just the two of us.  Remember...we promised to grow old in our rockers together.  I'm holding you to that.

Love always,

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22, 2008

Today is a great day! Mama and I are up packing to go to Jackson, MS! My Tedd is flying in tonight. We are staying tonight with Aunt Debra then heading to Columbia tomorrow for Impact conference. I just wanted to give everyone a brief overview from the past few days before heading out...

  • Mama preached on Sunday...It was a great service! *PAUSE* THIS WOMAN JUST CAME IN HERE AND BROKE OUT IN HER CHURCH DANCE ...IM LISTENING TO TRADING MY SORROWS ...SHE IS A TRIP! *UNPAUSE* :) She preached about sowing the of those sermons that reminds you just how little you are doing to reach the world.
  • She supervised more cleaning :) I reorganized our utility room, she vacuumed the house and then I mopped, pretty much we done a ton of underneath cleaning yesterday.
  • OOOH...My birthday was Saturday so Mama woke up wanting to go to town...she bought me a beautiful bouquet of circus roses and yellow daisies. We picked up a cake from Sugarees Bakery then went to lunch at McAlister's. Brittney came over and hung out that night...It was pretty much a great day :)
  • I almost sorry...We saw the dr Thursday and they done blood work. There was no infection praise God! Thanks for the prayers! They said the fever was most likey caused by the lack of hormones in her body. So far no more high temps! WooHoo!

OK so I am being rushed...Latrelle, mama says I am as bad as you are because I take 5 hrs to get dressed. LoL I am going to pack but dont be sad ....we will be back Friday and I will have lots to tell you I am sure. Thanks for everything guys!

Focused Prayer:

  • Liver counts to decrease.
  • Second treatment is the 29th.
  • No side effects.
  • Safety for our trip.

Thanks! We love ya!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008